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Tree Fertilization Serviced in the Springs and Fall

Colorado soils are notoriously low in nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium. These are building blocks of plant health and growth. Additionally iron has been found to be unavailable to some plants and species in our area. Tree and shrubs fertilizer injected into soil or Compost Tea topically applied can improve plant health by increasing vigor and color. Serviced in the fall, as trees are drawing in storable water and nutrient for winter, your landscape will be charged for the coming year. This can be accomplished through organic sources of these elements or synthetic time release compounds. Fertilizers can also be directly trunk injected for emergency tree care.

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I've used them for the past 8 years for lawn and tree care. Their prices have been fair and their crews polite and professional. Derek, the owner, has always been responsive to my questions and I've always felt valued as a customer. Several years back my wife was feeling guilty about having to cut down a healthy tree (the roots were starting to affect a water line) and Ironwood's crew actually spent a little time trying to make my wife feel better. Corny story, but true. I think they may have had some recent scheduling issues, but it was only a hiccup that I think they've fixed. Great small business I'm glad I can support.

Chad Argentar


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