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Ironwood Earthcare, in an effort to stay ahead of the pack, uses the finest in nitrogen based fertilizers and weed control sprays. The philosophy is simple: a healthy, well aerated turf will be weed and disease resistant, period. Grass is competitive and done correctly healthy grass will out- complete weeds. To achieve this goal we are offering a Spring and Fall aeration combined with monthly fertilizer application. We guarantee it! If our program does not provide a beautiful lawn without weeds we will treat for free; (some restrictions apply call for details). Additionally clients who accept our Lawn Program before June 1st, 2010 will receive Spring aeration for free! Just another way Ironwood Earthcare is “Setting the Standard of Care”.

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Ironwood Rocks. They have been maintaining my rentals for the better part of 10 years now. Always on time, always great service at a very reasonable price.

Don't mess around when it comes to your trees or lawn. If you want professional results hire a professional. These guys are it.

Realistic P.


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