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Mountain Pine Beetle
Mountain Pine Beetle

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In the year 2009 Mountain Pine Beetle has made a sweeping charge for the Front Range and has been confirmed in some unlikely areas. Photographed evidence of these devastating beetles came from Aurora and Watkins to the east, Castle Rock to the south and as far as Sterling, CO to the northeast! While trying to keep a finger on the pulse of this epidemic, Ironwood Earthcare, acting on advisory from Colorado State University, is now suggesting all clients begin treating “high value� pine trees for Mountain Pine Beetle. Additionally, spray timing has been changed from previous years. In the past it was believed that one spray applied in June was sufficient. Currently beetles have been found attacking from April to November in the metro area (2009). As science changes rapidly, we will keep you informed as recommendations change. Ironwood Earthcare will also be servicing many mountain communities in 2010.

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